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Managed Services and Maintenance

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Outsourcing IT operations with a managed maintenance service gives our customers cost-effective access to a wider breadth of IT skills, without having to manage IT resources in-house. Active management of your network, as opposed to waiting for it to breakdown, increases its reliability and your productivity. There are a few key areas that should be regularly maintained in order to ensure the safety and reliability of your network.

Secure Data Backup and Verification

Antivirus Software Updates and Monitoring

Microsoft and Application Updates

Hardware Condition

Firewall Integrity

General Help Desk Support

Email and Web Defense

Message Archiving

24×7 Network Monitoring

Virus and Spyware Removal

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You probably are here because you have just discovered that your computer has a virus, spyware, or adware, and you want a professional to get rid of it. We offer good rates, and fast, professional services. We can help you get rid of the following (and more!):

Annoying Pop Ups

Web Redirects

No Internet Access

Fake Anti-Virus Requests

Slow Computer or Blue Screen

Mysterious Errors, Crashes

Remote & Onsite Support

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Remote support allows us to login to your computer no matter where you are in the world as long as there is a broadband Internet connection. It is completely secure and you can disconnect from your end at any time. Infogrip uses remote software which utilizes a 256 bit AES encryption to provide secure communications.

Please call 805-652-0770

Laptop Repair / Desktop Repair

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Internet and VoIP

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IP Telephony, also known as Voice over Internet Protocal (VoIP) provide businesses efficiencies and savings over traditional telephone networks. Because VoIP Services use the Internet rather than the traditional phone system, the entire pricing model for long distance is different. A call from California to New York is essentially the same is a local call. Infogrip IT provides experience and support to implement a VoIP telephone system for your business.

Contact Infogrip IT today to request a demonstration! 

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

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Why do you need backups? On your computer, all of your data is stored on the hard drive. Hard drives do fail, because it’s an electronic mechanical device with plenty of moving parts. All hard drive will eventually fail, it’s just a matter of time. When a hard drive fails, the data on the drive most often lost. Even if data recovery is possible on a failed hard drive, it can be extremely expensive, in the range of thousands of dollars. 

Data backup can protect you from a hard drive failure by making a copy of your data onto another storage device. What kind of data needs backup? Email correspondences, documents, financial data, music, and family photos and videos.

If you use your PC or laptop for work, it’s even more important to back up the work related data. Businesses have failed from catastrophic data loss in the past. 

We can discuss with you the different options for backing up data, ranging from on-site backup to optical disks and hard drives, to off-site backup in a secure location. We highly recommend off-site backup for businesses. This type of back up will protect your data from catastrophic events at your business location such as fire or flood.

If your situation is too late for a backup, we can evaluate your hard drive and let you know if we can do the data backup in-house or if it needs to be sent to a partner company for more sophisticated data recovery techniques. 

Network Setup & Support

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We offer a range of network services.

These services include:

Wireless Network Set-up

Wired Network Set-up

Broadband Installation and Internet Access

Network Troubleshooting

File and Printer Sharing

Email Setup

Internet and Network Security

Add a device to an existing network

Home Media / File Server Set-up

Cloud Integration & Support

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Microsoft Office 365 with e-mail setup

Google Email and Docs

Cyber Security Services

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Computer viruses and hacking are steadily increasing in volume and sophistication. Threats include data loss caused by malicious intent; Internet-based worm, denial-of-service, and virus attacks; security compromises by internal sources; and penetration attacks aimed at stealing or damaging valuable assets. Managing and coordinating virus protection, detection and defense along with the recovery of critical systems requires an on-going effort that entails a variety of tools, procedures, and policies.

Infogrip IT can assist you at any level in your efforts to protect your information systems, from security audits to creating a comprehensive security strategy. Infogrip IT offers affordable contract service to help small businesses set up and maintain secure networks based on Microsoft Windows, Apple, OSX, Untangle, Netgear, Linksys, Sonic Wall, or Cisco technology.


What People Are Saying

I normally do not write reviews, but after having multiple bad experiences with I.T. companies I have to say Infogrip is a very reliable and consistent company. We have been using them for 3 years now for our dental office and we had no issues whatsoever, and keep in mind, dental offices are far more technologically demanding than most other public accommodation facilities dealing with digital data, HIPPA regulations, digital X-Rays, backing-up data and so forth. Brent the owner will address emergencies right-away and he will find the right solution for any situation. We are thankful to our advertisement and printing company who recommended them

Periklis P.

Ventura Dental Office

Our doctor’s office started a maintenance plan with Infogrip IT and we could not be happier. It was like pulling teeth to get our old IT provider to come out and fix our problems and Infogrip IT gets to us right away. The best part is their maintenance plan is saving us money compared to what we use to pay.

Jennifer S.

Oxnard Doctors Office

About three years ago, my daughter recommended Brent of Infogrip IT to repair my PC. I took it to him and he removed a virus and other malware. He provided me with a very detailed report of how and what he did. The price was also very reasonable. Since then I have taken another PC and laptop to Brent for repair. Recently I recommended Brent to another daughter who has a serious computer problem. I will go to no one else for my computer repair needs. I highly recommend Brent.

John W. S.

There is nothing more satisfying than doing business with an organization that does what they say they are going to do, when they say they are going to do it and at a fair price. Thank you Brent you have earned my business.

Michael P.

Infogrip IT has done a great job maintaining our computers at my hair salon and spa. They always are able to explain things in layman’s terms so I have a better understanding. They were able to save me several hundred dollars a year on both software and services.

Tara G.

Ventura Salon

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