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  • Computer Repair – How To Do It

    Posted on February 17, 2014 by infogrip-tech


    Computer Repair in Ventura, CA

    Owning a computer is critical in today’s world. With great websites, social media and easy email communication, it’s not hard to see why the majority of people want to have a computer or laptop in their home or workplace.

    There are times when computers don’t operate as planned. It’s hard sitting at your desk ready to play a game or work on a document only to find that your computer isn’t being cooperative.

    Nine times out of ten computer repairs need professional help. A computer technician is specially trained to check the problem and offer the best possible solution.

    Some computer repairs you might want to try doing on your own.. These are usually small fixes that can be handled with a couple of Google searches and some attention to detail.

    An example of a computer repair that you might be able to take care of yourself is cleaning the computer or replacement of the computer’s battery or fan.  A spick and span computer will prevent the computer from overheating.   Computer fans are dust magnets.

    computer dust build up

    Computer Dust Build Up

    You can clean out your computer with compressed air which will usually keep the computer from shutting down do to overheating and cut fan noise.    Most computers have a fan inside of it. This fan is used to keep the computer’s internal parts cool. It’s essential that the fan works properly to make sure that the computer doesn’t become overheated.   Typically, but it depends on the environment,  it is ideal to blow out the inside and outside of the computer twice a year to prevent dust build up.

    You will know when your fan might not be working right because you notice a different sound when you start or run your computer. Instead of taking it to a computer repair shop, take a moment to test the fan.

    Most of the time computers have two fans. One fan is used to cool the power supply and the other fan is used to cool the CPU. Take off the cover of the computer and listen. If the sound does seem to be coming from the fan that cools the CPU you’ll want to replace it.


    Computer Dust Build Up on CPU Fan

    If the computer is still under the manufacturer’s warranty than this repair is typically  done for free. Simply call the place where you purchased your computer and explain the issue. If you are outside the warranty period you can either take it to a computer repair shop or do it yourself.    Typically you can find information on the manufactures warranty posted on their website. Most manufacture warranties are 1 year but some offer up to 3 years.


    Desktop Power Supply

    Before trying to repair anything on your computer make sure you unplug it.  You’ll then need to take a look at the fan to see how it’s connected. It’s most likely connected by a few small screws or a clamp.   Once the screws are loose you’ll need to disconnect the fan from its power supply. This will be one or two small plastic clips. Then take the fan to your local computer parts store and buy a new one. After replacing your new fan, attach the cover and plug the desktop computer in. The fan should now function like new.

    Every once in a while a computer will make noises because a piece of hardware isn’t attached properly. The most common is the CD-Rom or DVD drive. Again for this type of computer repair, you’ll want to carefully remove the cover and listen for the source of the noise. Check all the screws and when you’re done attach the cover, plug the machine in and listen if the offending noise is gone.

    It’s always important to be safe and thorough when repairing a computer. Computers are expensive and like maintaining your car, keeping your computer running efficiently is crucial. If you are comfortable handling a small computer repair yourself, give it a try. If you’re not comfortable, take the machine to Infogrip IT and allow our experts to do a great job.

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