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  • What are Managed Services, and How Can They Save My Company Money?

    Posted on April 13, 2011 by infogrip-tech

    When a company subscribes to a managed service, the provider manages the network equipment and applications on the client’s premises or remotely according to the terms established to meet the client’s unique business needs.

    For small and medium-sized businesses, managed services provide enterprise class capabilities for an affordable monthly fee.

    Subscribing to managed services will:

    1. Bring high levels of network support and availability.
    2. Enable internal IT staff or companies with no IT to focus on strategic activities instead of network support.
    3. Allow you to pay only for those networking services that you need.

    Managed services bridge the gap by giving companies access to leading network technologies and management expertise without the need to invest in technology upgrades.

  • Computer Maintenance & Security Checklist

    Posted on September 01, 2010 by infogrip-computer-support

    Some simple routine maintenance can help ensure that your computers will continue to operate smoothly and reliably.  Below are  some recommended guidelines for regular, ongoing maintenance procedures.   Contact Infogrip I.T. with any further questions. (more…)

  • Keyboard Cleaning Methods

    Posted on August 24, 2010 by infogrip-computer-support

    Keyboards accumulate a lot of dirt and germs, but they are easy to clean.  One of the simplest ways is using compressed air, which you can find in a hardware or computer store.  Spray quick bursts under the keyboard, shake the keyboard upside down and repeat a few times.  To clean the keys, you can use alcohol or disinfectant wipes.  It’s best to turn off your computer first in case you press a button you don’t want to.