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  • Save Time With Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

    Posted on September 28, 2010 by infogrip-tech

    Your mouse can me a great device but using your keyboard is faster.   Below are a few handy keyboard commands to do things quicker.  To help alleviate carpal tunnel symptoms, I’ve recently made a conscious effort to utilize more “keyboard shortcuts” over the typical “mouse gestures” when I’m computing.

    Following are some quick and easy computer shortcuts for you to try.Switching apps and tabs

    • <Alt>-<Tab> will switch through your open app
    • <Ctrl>-<Tab> will switch through open Web browser tab
    • <Alt>-Arrow Left or Right will go backward or forward in web pages in your browser

    Copy, Paste, and Cut

    • <Ctrl>-C is for copying the selected text
    • <Ctrl>-V is for pasting the selected text
    • <Ctrl>-X is for cutting the selected text

    Close quickly

    • <Ctrl>-W will close your windows and browser tabs.

    Issue Undo and Save commands

    • <Ctrl>-Z will undo your last change
    • <Ctrl>-S will save your work

    Cycle through text fields

    • <Tab> to move forward in text fields in forms
    • <Shift>-<Tab> to move backwards in text fields in forms
    • Use the <Up> and <Down> arrow keys to cycle through the options in a drop-down menu
    • <Enter> for selected check-boxes or radio buttons

    Stop searching for Find

    • <Ctrl>-F to find text in most apps

    Get familiar with the <Windows> key

    • <Windows>-D will minimize all open windows and show the desktop
    • <Windows>-E will open a new Windows Explorer window
    • <Windows> by itself for instant access to the the Start menu where you can run apps and open files by pressing <Windows> and typing the name

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