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  • Extend WiFi Coverage Around Home or Business

    Posted on March 16, 2012 by infogrip-tech

    I had a call last month from a client who wanted to extend her wifi wireless coverage around her home. She had a Motorola wireless router in the garage which meant that she could use her laptop there and also in the living room/kitchen but not upstairs.

    The answer was to install and configure a TP-Link wireless extender/access point and plug it into a socket in a bedroom.

    This was configured to work with the existing router and to use the same wireless ID and security codes. This allowed for seemless transfer as the laptop was moved between floors.

    Prior to installing the extender the signal upstairs was as low as 10% , afterwards it was at 80=100% a significant improvement and one which meant the client could finally use her laptop while being upstairs, rather than at the kitchen table.

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