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  • Computer Maintenance & Security Checklist

    Posted on September 01, 2010 by infogrip-computer-support

    Some simple routine maintenance can help ensure that your computers will continue to operate smoothly and reliably.  Below are  some recommended guidelines for regular, ongoing maintenance procedures.   Contact Infogrip I.T. with any further questions.

    GENERAL Maintenance & Security Guidelines

    • Protect against power surges or loss.
    • Register your software products or sign up to receive product alerts, patches and updates.
    • Schedule tasks to run automatically when possible.
    • Educate yourself on basic computer maintenance and security issues.  Use the Webopedia to look up terms you don’t understand.
    • Never open e-mail from an unknown source.
    • Do not respond to unsolicited e-mail.
    • Always include a relevant subject line on e-mail that you send out.
    • Set-up your e-mail to Auto-Archive older mail messages.
    • Consider installing the free Email ID software from Trend Micro to verify the authenticity of messages.
    • Be aware of the potential security risks associated with Internet activity.  Be informed about the  personal information you provide on line as well as what information is being collected about you “behind the scenes”.


    • Protect yourself against computer viruses with anti-virus software.
    • Sign up for free Microsoft Windows Critical Update Notifications.

    DAILY Maintenance & Security Tasks

    • Verify that your virus definitions are up-to-date.

    WEEKLY Maintenance & Security Tasks

    • Run “ScanDisk” to check hard drive for errors
    • Run “Defrag” to defragment your files.
    • Run “Disk Cleanup” to delete unneeded files.
    • Clean out files from your temporary files directory.
    • Back up your files and store them away from your computer.
    • Empty your Recycle bin.
    • Delete the “clutter” from your Inbox.
    • Empty your Deleted Items folder, or set it up to empty automatically.
    • Delete your temporary Internet files & clear your Internet history.
    • Delete your cookies.
    • Update virus definitions.
    • Run a full anti-virus system scan.

    MONTHLY Maintenance & Security Tasks

    • Check for the latest Service Packs/Updates for Windows, Office, Internet Explorer, Adobe, Firefox, etc.
    • Check for unneeded or unused programs and consider uninstalling them.

    SEMIANNUAL Maintenance & Security Tasks


    • Clean your PC.
    • Clean your keyboard.
    • Clean your mouse.
    • Clean up your start-up menu


    • Change your system passwords.

    ANNUAL Maintenance & Security Tasks


    • Renew your anti-virus software subscription.

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